Understanding Nursing Home/Skilled Nursing Facility Costs

Nursing home costs are a big part of nursing home care and can vary widely depending on the state you live in. Average costs are around $70,000 per year so you need to know how you’re going to pay for nursing home care. It’s important to understand the limitations of insurance in covering costs:

  • Medicare only covers limited stays in nursing homes. Skilled nursing or rehabilitation service sare covered for a period of about 100 days after a hospitalization. Medicare does not cover custodial care (such as assistance with feeding, bathing and dressing) if that is the only care needed.
  • If your income and assets are limited, you may qualify for Medicaid, which does cover most of the costs of nursing home care. However, not all nursing homes accept Medicaid. If you suspect that you may need extended nursing home care in the future, you may want to contact an elder law attorney to learn more about which assets are protected and to what extent. For example, if you have a spouse living at home, your home is normally not considered in eligibility for Medicaid for nursing home purposes, and some of your savings may be partially protected as well.
  • If you have long term care insurance, check the provisions of your plan to see what portion of nursing home coverage is protected.

The Unknown Alternative

Skilled care costs do not have to cost you your life savings.

You can preserve your estate and take advantage of a little known Government program that will cover virtually 100% of the costs of skilled care in California – and nearly all facilities qualify!

This Government Entitlement Program will:

  • virtually pays 100% of all skilled care costs
  • gives YOU the CHOICE of care facility – nearly all in California qualify

For the past 10 years BPG Consulting Group has had a 100% success rate helping seniors and their families navigate the application and submission process, and getting approved for this entitlement program which will stay with them through their final day.

Facility Resource Group provides complete application preparation and submission to the County for their review and approval, with continued consultation and ongoing assistance for the lifetime of the beneficiary. All benefit strategies are created in strict compliance with all State and Federal Entitlement Program rules and regulations.

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