Myths About Nursing Homes

If I can’t take care of myself at home, a nursing home is the only option.

Today, there are many options to help older adults to stay at home, ranging from help with shopping and laundry to caregiving and visiting home health services. If home care options are no longer possible, other options, such as assisted living, may be a better fit if the primary need is custodial care rather than skilled medical care. Even if hospice care is being considered, home care is also often a possibility.

Nursing homes are for people whose families don’t care about them. Many cultures have strong beliefs that it is family duty to care for elders. However, in today’s world of smaller families living farther apart, work conflicts, and people living longer with more chronic illness, it simply may not be possible. Considering a nursing home does not mean you don’t care about your family. If you cannot provide the necessary care, it is the responsible decision to find a place where your family member’s needs will be met.

Nursing homes are poorly run, and I or my family member will get awful care. While it is key to research homes thoroughly and visit frequently, it is not true that all nursing homes provide poor care. There are more and more safeguards in place, and a facility’s staffing information and any previous violations are available to the public to help you make your decision.

Once I’m in a nursing home, I’ll never leave. Some illnesses or injuries have progressed to the point where both ongoing medical and custodial care may be necessary through the end of life. However, many people encounter a nursing home for the first time after a sudden hospitalization, such as from a fall or stroke. After rehabilitative care, either home or other housing options may be a better fit.

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