Asset Protection and Skilled Care

For long-term care, Medicaid has become the entitlement program for middle and upper-middle class families to help pay for the cost of care. However, families must “spend down” their assets in order to qualify.

But with careful planning, it’s possible to qualify for these benefits while protecting your assets from forced spend-down. The process is not easy, and most estate planners aren’t experienced or knowledgeable enough to help you accomplish this.

Why Most Asset Protection Strategies Fall Short
Many estate planning attorneys and financial planners fail to specifically address the problem of long-term care costs. Because long-term care is a leading cause of financial hardship among seniors, we believe your retirement planning is not complete without an asset protection strategy that specifically deals with long-term care. We all are living longer today, and while that is a great news, it also presents a challenge for seniors who need long-term care in their older age.

How We Can Help You
We believe that every client we work with deserves the human touch. When it comes to protecting your legacy and making sure your health needs are covered, the first and most important step in our asset protection strategy is to understand your family needs, your plans for retirement, and your financial situation. The technicalities, number crunching, and paperwork that follow will naturally take their courses once we understand your needs.

Because this first step is so personal and important, we meet face-to-face with every one of our clients so that we can talk with them in person. We encourage you to contact us and set up a time to meet. It just might be the best thing you’ll do for your legacy, your health, and your family’s security.

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