Facility Resource Group: The Expertise You Need to Protect Your Assets

Nursing Homes (Skilled Nursing Facilities)Protect Your Estate Assets

Few people are aware the Federal Government provides for skilled nursing care facilities for all Americans….

Preserve your Estate and utilize the Government program that covers virtually 100% of the costs of skilled care. These benefits include most facilities in California.

“Facility Resourse Group stepped in and got us the benefits we needed to over Dad’s skilled nursing care facility. We didn’t lose our assets and we were able to choose a quality care facility rather than the V.A. we could afford. He’s in a wonderful place and it’s all paid for, thanks to this amazing service! We are so grateful!”

~Karen and Mike Thornton; Sacramento, CA

Living in a skilled nursing facility of your choice does not have to cost you your life savings. Protect your assets and have true peace of mind for your family’s future!


  • How this Government program pays virtually 100% of all of your long-term skilled nursing facilities costs
  • Why the SELECTION of a nursing care facility is YOURS and not the Government
  • The specific guidelines that ensures that you qualify for entitlement benefits
  • That you are ENTITLED to receive benefits to pay for your skilled nursing care costs which you have already paid for!

For the past 10 years Facility Resource Group has had a 100% success rate helping seniors and their families navigate the application and submission process – Yes, every entitlement application we’ve submitted has been approved!

Facility Resource Group provides complete application preparation and submission services to the County for review and approval, with continued consultation and ongoing assistance for the lifetime of the beneficiary. All benefit strategies are created in strict compliance with all State and Federal Entitlement Program rules and regulations.

Know Your Skilled Care Options…

“…the program is jointly funded by the State and Federal Government….it will pay virtually 100% of long terms care costs such as nursing home room and board”
~Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine

“There are legal methods to protect your life savings. These methods take advantage of options the the majority of Americans do not even know about. If you plan for the future you will prevent being taken by surprise. You will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’ve done everything possible to preserve a lifetime of accumulated savings for yourself, your spouse and your heirs.”